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We Bring Excellence & Experience

We bring excellence and experience to the real estate buying and selling process. There’s a reason Coder Properties has been awarded a Master Salesman Award, Diamond Award, Summit Club Award, Founders Award, and more! As Table Rock Lake area experts, we can help you find your ideal property in southwest Missouri or northwest Arkansas.


With Coder Properties, you can tour every inch of a property throughout Springfield, Missouri and the surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable team will assist you in finding the perfect location, and will confirm the quality of any structures. Whether you’re hunting for land, a home, or a business location, we can help!

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Meet Our Team
  • DIRECT (417) 248-0062 EMAIL gary@coderproperties.com

    Gary Coder
  • DIRECT (417) 299-2988 EMAIL dean@coderproperties.com

    Dean Coder
  • EMAIL cheri@coderproperties.com

    Cheri Kembell
    Tech Advisor/Realtor
  • DIRECT (417) 248-0062 EMAIL mary@coderproperties.com

    Mary Ann Coder

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